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Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Family Made at Christmas - Book Tour Grand Finale for His Frontier Christmas Family by Regina Scott

Snow, homemade ornaments on the tree, family gathered round in faith—what better way to celebrate the Christmas season! Family and Christmas form the heart of my December release, His Frontier Christmas Family, part of my Frontier Bachelors series from Love Inspired, set in pioneer Seattle...

I hope you have a wonderful holiday this year. Be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of His Frontier Christmas Family and a set of rustic Christmas decorations.
Merry Christmas! - Launch - Note from the Author

Friday, December 8, 2017

a mother will do anything - A Mother’s Lie by Jo Crow

"I haven't been this impressed by a debut from an author since Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. The author really nailed making you feel just how isolated Clara was and just how desperate she was. Too many times while reading this I was gasping out loud due to a turn I hadn't seen coming or an injustice I just couldn't believe. It usually takes me about seven days to read a book due to work and kids but I devoured this in a little over 24 hours. I can't wait to spread the word about this knockout debut." - Katrece, Goodreads

despite all the challenges - After the Fall (Seven Winds #2) by Katy Ames

"After the Fall was a sexy and entertaining standalone romance, and a wonderful installment in the Seven Winds series. Katy Ames did a fantastic job with this book and I was extremely pleased with the outcome to Mark and Grace's story. Ms. Ames is an incredibly talented writer and I am very much looking forward to reading more of her amazing romances!" - Julia, Goodreads

a delightful thriller - The Body in the Casket (Faith Fairchild #24) by Katherine Hall Page

"With a good share of unlikable characters, The Body in the Casket is reminiscent of both a good Agatha Christie novel or the board game Clue, and for me, at least, the villain, when finally revealed, was a complete surprise. Easy, enjoyable reading, good characterisation, and a compelling story line (actually several story lines interwoven), how could I not enjoy and recommend this book. And as the protagonist is a caterer, there are even recipes that tempt. Highly recommended."- Bryan, Goodreads

Don’t believe everything you see. - Countdown (Cassidy & Spenser #5) by Carey Baldwin

"I love this Author's books. She is so talented. The characters are wonderful. In this book, while investigating what appears to be an attempted murder and their wedding, the humour will have you smiling if not laughing out loud. " Marj, Goodreads

an exciting and fast-paced mystery - One Red Bastard (Detective Robert Chow #3) by Ed Lin

"Robert is a unique detective and one worth meeting in this or any other of Lin's novels. I'm happy that this atmospheric (the neighborhood is a rich stew) has been reissued- it's completely stood the test of time." - Kathleen, Goodreads

multiple realities collide - Seventh Dimension - The Prescience (Seventh Dimension #5) by Lorilyn Roberts

"Temptation, more chariot racing, supernatural powers, good guys, bad guys, scary guys, and time dancing all make this thrilling next-to-last edition of The Seventh Dimension series a great inspirational read." - Lisa, Goodreads

will she break down now? - S’more to Lose (The Campfire Series #2) by Beth Merlin

If you love Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin, you'll love this heartwarming sequel to One S'more Summer from a fresh voice in contemporary chick-lit that offers a lighthearted and fun take on life, love, and how to move forward without looking back.

not every lesson can be found in a book - Delayed Departure (Passports and Promises, #2) by Abigail Drake

"[A] different story, takes us on a Turkish adventure with Ms. Bethany Beaumont, a character who you can’t help but just fall in love with. Such a realistic character. A realistic character with real emotions and real feelings." - Alexis, Goodreads

Beauty. Romance. Power. - Crowned (Beholder, #4) by Christina Bauer

"Come join Elea on this magical journey to saving the ones she loves. Join her from the start with Cursed then on to Concealed and after that is Cherished and for her last journey there is Crowned. Let Elea take you on the most amazing magical journey of a lifetime. " - Nancy, Goodreads

Dammit! She’d made a huge mistake - Secrets (Stockholm Sleuth #2) by Christer Tholin

In the crime novella SECRETS?, fledgling private investigator Elin Bohlander takes on what looks like an easy assignment — at first: to determine if her client’s boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. 

dangerous consequences - I've Been Looking For You by Jennifer Dean

MAX: The new girl, the sarcastic asshole, the one who avoids getting attached to anyone.
EMILY: The golden girl, the rule-abiding rebel, the one who unknowingly craves something more.

No power is greater than the one you’re willing to sacrifice. - The Peradon Fantasy Series by Daccari Buchelli

"Phoenix, book one of The Peradon Fantasy Series, does not disappoint. It holds everything an avid reader of fantasy craves for. The scenes are luring, filled with intrigue and mystery. Your every emotion is drawn out of you as you move along the well plotted storyline.
I cannot wait to read the next book. Please read this! I highly recommend it." - R, Goodreads

She has no one to blame but herself - Flowers in Winter (Hart of Rock and Roll, #5) by Mary J. Williams

"Oh my! This is another one of Mary J. Williams’ wonderful books.
She has a way of describing characters, their emotions, their trains of thought, their doubts, and what ever else belongs to a breathing and feeling human being, that is quite unique." Andrea, Goodreads

he ultimate truth of good - Racine: The Sisterhood Stories by Alison Clarke

"This story is well written with a treasure trove of imagery and superb world building. You can tell the author took great care in crafting this story. I love a good craftswoman ;) Alison Clarke has a way of making the reader feel she is inhabiting the body of the main character. Everything Racine experienced made me feel like I was actually there with her in real time (and we all know that is the mark of an excellent book) " - Rebecca, Goodreads

an odyssey of sex, love, and parenting - Love and Other Hazards by Claudia Riess

"Claudia has written such a stirring book. This is a story anyone can relate to. I know I can. We're given a myriad of characters, each striving to survive the adversities they encounter every step of the way. [...] I couldn't put the book down, and was disappointed to see things end. Such a wonderful read!" - Lissette, Goodreads

There's something wrong with Rosewood Manor - Of Bells and Thorns (The Rose Master #2) by Valentina Cano

“In this Gothic fantasy, Cano evokes both Beauty and the Beast and Jane Eyre while creating something new and strange. Cano does a beautiful job of setting mood and atmosphere, and her characters dance around one another with relentless industry and brooding allure, fighting their inevitable attraction. This is a strong, satisfying effort.” ~Publishers Weekly on THE ROSE MASTER

Monday, November 27, 2017

one tour stop at a time - The Secret Lives of Rockstars: Book Two by Suzanne Lazear

"I love it when I find an author with some innovative twist to their story and a way of writing that puts the reader in the heart of the action. That’s just what this story did for me so I can’t wait to continue this series [...] I defineitely didn’t want to put it down and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys fantasy adventurous stories [...]" - Elaine, Goodreads

to never fall in love - The Funeral Flower by Michelle Jester

17+ "I love books that make you think ... & that is what this book did for me. I've grown because of this book. It has added to my life. & yes, I would say you should read it too and see what you may gain from reading as well. yes, I have to quote a bit from the acknowledgements "Go easy on your future self will ya!" I think we all need to listen to that. Give yourself a break. If you try, if you do your very best, no one can ask for any more." - Beth,Goodreads

before it’s too late... Children of Refuge (Children of Exile #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is a topical thriller that brings heart and thought to the sci-fi genre. ―Kirkus Reviews
The plot twists are multiple, exciting, and completely logical… An excellent dystopian adventure for tweens. ―Booklist

In Stars We Trust - Tainted Rose (Starlight Gods #2) by Yumoyori Wilson

18++ "Darkness is coming, for some, it's already arrived. Everything is hanging in the balance for Mako and her Knights once more. I am dying here. Stars, I want more now! " - Jennifer, Goodreads

Sunday, November 26, 2017

before they strike again…A Pound of Flesh: A DCI Lorimer Novel (DCI Lorimer #9) by Alex Gray

"The author does a great job is putting the reader in the middle of the seedier side of Glasgow. Lorimer is a terrific series character ... he never steps over the lines and he feels all victims deserve the best he can give for them. I also enjoy the personal side [...] Secondary characters are well thought out and lend credibility to the story." - Linda, Goodreads

Thursday, November 23, 2017

who will win the final showdown? Blood Bound Series by J.L. Meyers

What Lies Inside
Made By Design
Web of Lies
Born To Die

strong enough to save them all - High Witch Series by Mona Hanna

"They appeared in a small street filled with buildings, in a nearby village. Brayden breathed raggedly, unable to contain his shock. Ariel finally lost consciousness, and tears began to run down his face. He screamed for help."

Please wait. Upgrade in progress. - Exposure (Incandescent, #3) by Sylvie Parizeau

"Wow, wow, wow! Sylvie Parizeau never ceases to impress me with her stories but this one blew me away. I loved every single second of this novel and fell in love with both characters over and over again! [...] This is a must read, so curl up with a nice steaming mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and dive in when this is released! You won't regret it!" - Cassie, Goodreads

Little Melanie: My Grand Piano by Melanie Greene & Melanie Winrow

Executive Producer and creator Melanie Greene states: “Children need a positive hero - a mentor they can aspire to. Melanie Brown is the inspiration behind our main character LITTLE MELANIE. All of our episodes and stories have been carefully written and crafted.”

Have you had enough? -Constitutional Renaissance by Richard R Monts

Have you had enough? When will the United States government stop growing?
All constitutionally enumerated activities should have been in place long ago. There should be no more expansion in scope, yet there is. 

her life is about to change - Yesterday is Never Gone by Ilona Sally

Niki is about to discover that things are never what they seem to be. In this thrilling tale, deception and inner turmoil hamper a young woman’s journey toward a new reality as she attempts to reconcile her past and find the truth.

unexpectedly perfect guy - Echo (Archer’s Creek #1) by Gemma Weir

18++ "This honestly is hands down brilliant book by the new author, she has produced a book that leaves you wanting more, and I definitely can’t wait for more. Definitely deserves 5 ⭐️ and another top author for me. Well done on your debut book." - Tracy, Goodreads

the perfect laugh-out-loud romantic finale - Marrying an Alien Pop Star (Alien Pop Star #3) by Kendra L. Saunders

"Y'all, I can't even tell you how much I love these books. For one thing, the plot flows perfectly. Kendra L. Saunders has mastered the art of conflict and climax, story and setting. That's something that I cannot say for a lot of writers, myself included. I think it goes without saying that I will read anything she writes in the future (especially if it features hot British aliens!)" - Jacqueline, Goodreads

a lifelong secret crush - Believe in My Heart (Tangled Hearts #4) by Maria K. Alexander

"This is exactly what I love to read for a Holiday story." - Mia, Goodreads
Culinary arts student, Hope Mastriano, is down on her luck. Homeless on Thanksgiving Day, she’s caught trying to break into her cousin’s apartment by her sexy boss and lifelong secret crush.